Headed to the composter

When Rebecca gave me this Rachael Ray trash bowl a month ago, I knew it would bring me one step closer to hippie nirvana. You stick the bowl on the counter when cooking, collect your compostable refuse and then drop it off outside to be reconsumed by Mama Nature.

Compost bowl

The only hiccup to this plan was I didn’t have a composter outside and throwing stalks of broccoli on the garden makes the neighbors think you are a wee bit crazy. Plus, they are a pain in the butt to garden around.

Compost Machine!

Enter my fabulous carpenter grandfather who took one look at my composter blueprint and said he’d get right to it. This box smells so good for the time being. I think I’ll always associate the smell of fresh cut wood and sawdust with him. His carpentry skills are just so great.

The Composter!

And so the fun begins. This baby is sitting on my patio and will be filled, somewhat, with carbon and kitchen refuse this Spring. I’m not adding worms because it is already 80 degrees in Phoenix and they’d cook.

To be: Compost

Instead, I’ll throw in the kitchen scraps for the time being. You can’t tell from the photos, but the box sits a bit off the ground. With these holes, the air will circulate and my hippie soil machine will take off!

Three cheers for another step toward sustainability, green living and being a successful gardener. Okay, I’m still working on that last part.