Turquoise from Santa Fe, new beads from the shop down the street — a crafty weekend ahead.

Did you ever see the SNL skit featuring Stuart Smalley when he looks into a mirror and cheers himself on by repeating, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And gosh, darn it, people like me!?” The humor was in the guest hosts who were encouraged to parrot the same self-help mantra. Charles Barkley couldn’t get through it. Michael Jordan was nearly in tears. The audience was howling through both.
My family adopted this phrase and would repeat it anytime we were feeling blue or unmotivated — adding a bit of humor to lift our spirits.
I have been in a rather uncharacteristic crap mood all week. I fully blame the dead typhoid bugs swimming around system for putting me in a funk. Thankfully this morning I woke up feeling human and my normal, perky optimistic happy self.

A little in love with this bead

I am feeling empowered, in part, to sit up straight, smile and get going after my goals (like the beading) after a detour through cultural craziness yesterday. I sat down for a few minutes after running errands to watch a bit of television and zone out. Television anymore is frosting — totally unnecessary to my day, but occasionally a nice treat. I watched about five minutes of Rachael Ray before I decided that gosh darn it, my time is too important for this. Rachael was interviewing a mother who couldn’t control her 4-year-old daughter’s makeup habit.

{I’m going to pause here to let you re-read that last sentence. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.}

And I sat there and watched this nonsense for five minutes — like a passerby who just witnessed a horrible accident and is in shock. Ultimately, this segment should have been labeled: “Parenting 101 — teaching your children the word NO.” Or, “How to look like an ass on TV.” I’d like a time refund, please.

New beads

I was in traffic the other day when I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Those who know more need less.” When I fall off the vegetarian wagon, let it be face first into a juicy, seared petite filet. When we eat dark chocolate, let it be one perfect piece of Godiva. When we do sit down to watch television, let it be something wonderful and worthy. Because, gosh darn it, we are good enough.