mound o bags

Remember when I asked for goody bags for my upcoming trip to Africa? I had 1,400 responses. The Internet, apparently, is this crazy medium fueled by incredibly generous, amazing people. I couldn’t believe it. Neither could my postman.

my sanity is buried under there

The packages have been coming in steadily during the last two weeks, with more than 40 having arrived from all over the world. Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. It is simply startling and I’m beginning to get used to signing for packages, as if I’m some sort of business bigwig. Your letters to the orphans are really what get me. I had to stop reading because I began having a Pavlovian response when I’d get the mail: I’d see an envelope and start crying. (Fine at home, not so much at work.) You are one astounding group of people and I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to thank you.

A kindergarden class sent 30 bags

These were sent in by a kindergarten class in Sugar Land, Texas. Children helping children. Ah, crap. I’m crying again.

Managing this project has been a bit more than I was expecting. Just getting the mail to my house requires driving most days — about 1000 yards — which is ridiculous. It takes an hour a day to go through all of the packages, record the sender’s information, recycle the boxes and sort the goody bags. The count as of yesterday (before four new boxes came in the mail) was 280 baggies. We are well into Bolivian territory at this point; I’ll be taking many of these Mozambican baggies to South America in the Fall instead.

boxes of baby beanies

Keep your Kleenex out — Kathie, from Mesa, Arizona (what a place-a), knit and crocheted more than 100 beanies for the baby orphanage. Can you imagine? They are so bright and beautiful. I know the director, Ana Paula, is going to flip.

{If you’ve sent a package and you haven’t heard from me, please shoot me an email. I’ve got several without return or email addresses.}

current state of studio craziness

Yep. This photo makes me twitch and want to put on a pair of yellow gloves, stat! I’ve got Geller instincts when it comes to cleaning and don’t handle disarray well. Thank goodness I’ve got the extra space to hide all of this!

From the bottom of my overwhelmed heart, thank you.