Other than the serious oxygen high I’ve been getting from hauling my booty through the aspens and pines on long, winding hikes, I’ve managed to find a bit of inspiration in the furry creatures in my charge:




Really — have you ever caught yourself a bit dizzy, staring up at a brilliant azure sky dotted only by the paling green leaves of towering trees between you and the heavens? I took one of those fat finger walks this afternoon, getting lost in Golden. I managed to meander by the river for about 20 minutes, crawl up an embankment and weave through a sweet community garden, over a bridge and back through suburbia to the homestead. I was sweaty, clear thinking and tingly by the time I made it back to the animals. Could be the altitude, could be the change in scenery. It is most certainly the cooler weather. I feel human again.

New fat quarters

New fat quarters

New fat quarters

I’ve been storming through my professional and personal to-do list since arriving Friday. It feels so good to sit at a different kitchen table, feeling the creativity pumping through my veins. The sweet dog asleep at my feet, the fire keeping us all toasty (snow in the mountains today), and the endless bounty of delicious veggies from the garden are making this all that much better.

Giddyup, Colorado. A happy cowgirl I am.