Ultimate started again last night and my team is chocolate brown. Our T-shirts this season read “ultimate” across the chest and they are actually quite fashionable. I’m planning on pink accessories and a new purse to match, but that is another story.
Per the norm, I brought baked goods to woo my new teammates into looking past my athletic inabilities. What I realized last night is that I’m actually pretty good at keeping up with the two hours of non-stop ridiculous running; it’s the strategy that kicks my butt.
“Kelli, run to the middle!”
“Kelli, cut!”
“Kelli, you’re being poached!”
Fade to me, in the cute brown shirt, thinking, “Poached? Eggs? What is going on here?”
Needless to say, I’ve got to catch up with the Frisbee lingo. I felt a wee bit foolish to have asked if there was a book I could borrow to better understand this sport. Dork, tried and true.
I also aptly re-named our team the “Brownies,” much to my captain’s chagrin. Everyone pretty much thinks I’m the over-excited cheerleader on a sugar high who can’t really play, but smiles a lot. I’m okay with that. And so were they after I pulled out my bag of brownies after the game. Oh, and we won!

argyle spring swing bag & pouch

On to more pressing matters: sewing. Here are two new bags from my Spring line, a la Amy Butler swing.

spring bag and pouch 1, chair

These are CAOK gifts going out this weekend in the mail. I also started working on my In Stitches assignment and will have something to show by Monday.

Fun floral pocket inside spring bag 2

Happy weekend y’all,