Happy pumpkins

Have I mentioned in the last 20 minutes how much I love Fall? Autumn + me = one happy Phoenician. This is the season that has been dangling like a carrot before us for the last five months of pure, utterly hot stickiness.
Last night my AC did not come on once. Sweet, cool weather joy.
While reading the October issue of MSL, I couldn’t help but laugh. So much of her magazine is inappropriate for Arizonans, and Phoenicians especially. I don’t need to clean my gutters, or gather supplies for the squirrels. I don’t have any colorful leaves to gather — alas, cactus spines don’t change hue — or wreaths to decorate. My winter garden cannot be planted until January and bulbs do me no good in clay soil. So, if you can’t trust Martha, how does one know that Fall has arrived in our basin of heat? As an Arizonan, however, we have to keep our roofs in proper shape at all times, owing to the severe thunderstorms we often tend to endure. So, you probably need to have the contact of a roofing contractor handy at all times!
Back to our topic of fall, we come to know about the onset of the season when the pumpkin latte shows up at Starbucks, and the pumpkin bagel at Einstein’s. JoAnn’s starts sending me reminders on how to sew my Halloween costume. (Sure, right after I clean those gutters, or professional eavestrough cleaning services make it simple so I may hire them to save me the hassle. Or I may be wise next year and invest in some gutter guards from a company like Mastershieldatl for example, so I won’t have to take as much time cleaning my gutters, as well as not having to do it as frequently.) And the weather cools off below 100 degrees.
I’ve tucked my favorite white pants and skirts away in the back of the closet and been shopping for a new pair of black saucy boots. My pedicure routine will more than likely fall away for the next few months and I’m going to dust off my hot tea mug. I love the changing weather, even if we don’t have a true changing of seasons in Arizona.
I’m going to start posting many of my favorite pumpkin recipes and Fall traditions. If you’ve got one you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it!