The girls and I (minus the two Yas in Chicago) hit the scene in Scottsdale this weekend for a bit of debauchery and shenanigans.

Happy girls

Las Amigas

Big Mouth

(What, me? Big mouth? Bossy? You don’t say…)

Jackie Would be Proud


In truth, what 10 years ago would have been a night of dancing, club hopping and drinking was instead a much subdued night of great food, karaoke** and being in bed by 1. And of course homemade baked goods. Ah, how things have and haven’t changed.


*100% stole “girls gone mild.” I overheard it at a baby shower last weekend. Couldn’t be more appropriate, however.

** Come to find out, I HATE karaoke. I’m happy to sit in the crowd and sing along, but please don’t expect me to hold the mic.