Everything’s wrapped. My cards are all mailed. My little Christmas tree is looking quite bare now that the gifts are being delivered. I drove to work truly enjoying a gingerbread man for breakfast. I’ve so enjoyed this holiday season.

{I think about how much fun Christmas will be when I have children one day. I can’t wait to do Advent calendars, hang their stockings, go cut and decorate a tree and create family traditions. One family tradition I know I’ll continue is an orange in the toe of the stockings. I’m not sure how this started in our family, but my brother and I on cue poke at the toe of our stockings Christmas morning and say, “ORANGE!” More than likely this was because we grew up with a bunch of citrus trees in the backyard and my parents had quick access to an additional treat. Regardless, it is always fun to have a bit of routine to holidays.}

Wrapped and delivered this week:

everyone wants a tree tshirt

Embroidered T-shirts. I stole this idea from Melissa.

girl's circle tshirt

Yep, there is more of that pointsetta fabric. Needless to say, I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

c'est l'afrique, non

Who doesn’t want a tee with a bit of African sass?

saguaro with flowers

An embroidered saguaro cactus tee for Molly. She was my partner in Shelley’s City Swap. Who is my partner I wonder?

GBOT project travel bag

I sewed up a couple drawstring children’s activity bags too. These were stuffed with crayons and coloring books and sweets. They are for some friends who will be traveling this Christmas. Keeping the kids busy and happy keeps the parents cheerful too. Non?

wristlet of the week

And a poppy wristlet, using the last of my photo fabric paper. I love that photo!

I’m officially out of Adventathon photos and completed projects. Phew. Handmade Christmas was a success this year. Tomorrow I travel to be with family. Be well friends!
Merry Christmas,