Still working on that fall pillow

An update on those novels:

Under the Same Moon keeps selling, which is fantastic. It is no longer available at local retailers, which is why I am listing the book giant Amazon. I have a master plan on how to have it available locally (and at Powell’s and the Tattered Cover) soon: finish the second book, go on a tiny self-funded book tour and bring copies of UTSM for sale too.

That should work, right?

Basket Baby is in the process of being edited. As in, I have 400 pages of copy with detailed comment and am trying to work on a chapter or two a week. At this rate, I should have it done by my 100th birthday. A new writing friend asked me the other day what my routine is and I was embarrassed to say that I’ve completely fallen off the writing wagon. I exercise daily. I try to do something creative daily — whether it is knitting, sewing or cooking a new recipe. But I have not made time for writing.

There are plenty of excuses; instead, let’s discuss the new plan to get BB done, and be able to return to novel 3, The Golden Rule. TGR is a fun story that I’ve been workshopping for the last few months. I’m eager to continue writing it. I’m (obviously) not looking forward to make more edits to BB. It is hard to go back again and again and again to the same story and try to make it something better when something bright and shiny has your eye.

But! If I have one regret in publishing to date, it is that UTSM wasn’t ready, but I pushed forward anyway. It has a few typos and areas that just need work. I got sick of that story by the time publishing became and option and I rushed. I don’t want to repeat this error.

As such, I’m telling you — blog world! Internets! Friends real and those I only know by email! I am going dig in and make a commitment to 4 chapters a week of BB until the editing is done and I can send it back to the publisher for further review.

Hold me to it, friends. I need your encouragement.