February Cookin' and Crafts

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while many of you may roll your eyes at yet another meaningless Halmark holiday, I’m in the other camp — Camp Love. Valentine’s Day provides yet another chance to make and send great cards, let those you love read/hear/feel it, etc.  Not surprisingly, I have been known to go a wee bit love-y crazy for my friends and family.

This year, I’m thinking homemade, handmade and fantastically frugal. I’ve ordered a couple of used books online, have a stack of red sweets for my mama, recently practiced a new red velvet recipe, and have plans of sewing up some corazon-inspired cards this weekend. My Valentine’s day is going Mexican this year, with an emphasis on Frida, bold colors y mucho carino.

What are you working on for your sweetheart?

Leave a comment, or better yet a link with your project, and I’ll randomly select someone for one of my que Viva Amor! Valentine’s sewing projects.