Finny and I had one of those conversations yesterday that made me realize we think we are domestically invincible. After her trip to Germany, she’s bound and determined to master making great homemade pretzels. Logically, I suggested these would be an excellent gift alongside a jar of homemade jam. She thought, “why not make mustard?” Never mind this would require growing mustard seed and the such.

She’s Finny. She can do anything, including coaxing watermelons into more convenient shapes.*

Thankfully, she empowers her friends to think alike. This week I was out to lunch with a coworker who ordered a sandwich that included both hummus and pesto. He loves both and was so happy. When I mentioned these are both incredibly simple to make at home, he looked at me like I’d just emerged from my pioneering commune to forage at the same lunch spot.

Dude. Do it yourself? Kinda all the rage. (Plus with food, it tastes better!)

I have to believe Finny and I were both influenced by a “woman” who turns 25 today: She-Ra — He-Man’s sister. I watched many an episode and had the dolls. I’m including her in the series of strong female fictional characters who nurtured my strong-willed, intelligent, overly ambitious coven of girlfriends. Other characters include: Nancy Drew, the Babysitter Club girls (entrepreneurs), Jem** and the Holograms, etc.

What characters shaped the way you looked at life?


*(She’s magic. Every girl needs magic girlfriends.)

** Including magical girlfriends who correct my spelling.