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Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3

Taxi Tote: Round 3

Still not 100% perfect, but better. I managed to use skinny bias tape on this Taxi Tote and it took a good bit of patience to turn — see the 10,000 pins above — but with each bag, I am a bit happier with the result.

I’ve got one more of these almost done and then a stack of new projects I’m looking forward to. Have you make your fleece hoodie or baked the lemon drop cookies for this month’s Craft-along yet? Get to it! One day left to add them to the Flickr pool to be included in the January prize.

For the record, I made the lemon cookies and they flopped. It was my own fault because I don’t have a mixer (this is another story dealing with my lust for a KitchenAid and superstition) and they just didn’t work out like they should have. They were still quite good, but flat as pancakes. Eh, next time I’ll try to stick the batter in the fridge for an hour or so, per Ms. Snappy’s recommendation, to get a better result.


*AKA: The Day I Made Bias Tape my Bitch