november 23 018

Dear Fin,

Hello dahling! How are you? I am so, so happy this morning. I was able to sleep in and woke up to the sound of rain. In Arizona, this is one of the most precious sounds. I was thrilled! My dad arrived last night and even though our plans of taking a lovely desert hike were drenched, we decided to hit the gym for a bit before heading off to breakfast. We’ll see a movie today and maybe go bowling.

november 23 017

I LOVE Father/Daughter days. It has been forever since we’ve had one. But back to the details: I finished our project! I sewed these up as sample Christmas cards. I know how much you love, ahem, Christmas swag. But you’ll have to admit these are pretty cute thanks to my new Martha Stewart birdie stamps. And your cards came out super cute. I thought maybe you’d rock the Hanukkah cards with the star pattern, but you went an entirely different (and pretty) direction.

november 23 016

So, what will we do next? I think we need some fantastic new sew-along idea to balance out how much this book has bummed me out. It just didn’t live up to its potential. Am I the only one that feels this way? It doesn’t help that last year’s sew-along book and projects were simply SO rad! Ideas?

november 23 015

Okay, off to breakfast and movies and bowling. Got to run! Love you mucho and hope you and Bubba have a fabulous, 1980s-themed Thanksgiving!