Sweet Kara,

Friend, I am tired. This post is more than a week late because I’ve spent more time at Denver International than my own home in the last two months. And let’s be honest: I’m a homebody. Sitting in my adirondack in the backyard watching the bees fly in and out of their tree hive? Seeing the hydrangea bush bloom? Smelling the lilacs — out in full purple force? All better than being waiting in another TSA line. (Although I’ve started looking forward to the pat-downs. Yet another sign I’m not spending enough time at home with the Mr.)

silver bullet, big

So! This Runway edition of our monthly fashion blog is not based on Milan, Paris or New York fashion week walkways, but those of Charles De Gaulle. JFK. DIA.

Tarmac, baby.

And thank you dearly for playing along. I’ve been traveling a lot for work (Texas, Arkansas) and some for pleasure (California, Texas, Indiana.) I am typically not a fan of checking luggage. I like being a minimalist and carrying on simply makes sense. That said, this latest adventure to Austin with Finny resulted in pulling out the Silver Bullet — the giant luggage. Because with Finny, you just never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes we swim. Sometimes we go to dinner at fancy restaurants, or burrito huts. With bike rides. And museums. And CHEESE AND RICE the costume changes are endless.


Hence, the Silver Bullet. A few glimpses from the latest packing adventure:

clean/dirty underthing bags

A friend gave me these bags when I was traveling in the Philippines some ten years ago. I still use them for nearly every trip as a way to organize undergarments and swimming suits.


Stacks of clothing. For less than 3 days worth of vacation, I’m pretty sure I brought 50 possible mix and match options. What? A girl has to plan.


Ready to rock and roll.

Runway fashion

And my new standard traveling outfit: as much comfort as possible without looking like a slob. I like an ironed blouse, linen jacket, dark jeans and my Cole Haan Nike Air flats that will allow me to get through that TSA line with minimal headache and maximum cushion. Also, lots of beaded hippie jewelry. Because you can take the girl out of Colorado, but … so it goes.

hippie jewelry

Now, hit me — show me your best travel fashion! Let’s see you work the runway!

Much love from the mountains,


*click on the photos for more details.