If I were judge in the KFed/Britney divorce court and that idiot asked me to give him custody of their two children, I’d first ask him to tell me each of his children’s full names and birthdates. Then I’d run a drug test. I’m guessing with fair certainty he’d fail at all of the above.
Let’s face it KFed, you hit the lottery once and you were too stoned and too stupid to keep her happy. And no offense, but I’d guess it wouldn’t take much to keep Brit happy. You wooed her with burping contests, for Pete’s sake.
Britney’s looking hotter than ever now that she’s shed that ugly 200 pound mass.

{Tangent: I’m at the library writing this. Bonus points for the nanoblogmo thing. My Internet (or Internets as Pres. Bush would say) is down at home and I’m about to pull my hair out with the lack of connectivity. AY!}