I’m having a small dinner party this weekend and am a wee bit excited. Here is my problem: I entertain rather infrequently, but love doing so. When I have people over, I tend to get a bit worked up and just plain silly. The meal is days away and yet I know what I’ll serve, how I’ll set the table, what I’ll wear, the music, the wine, etc.
Crazy — right?
Do you ever find yourself going helplessly overboard and yet not knowing how to stop? I feel myself starting to plan down to the last detail, full well knowing from the outside I must look bonkers. {Gift bags, for example. Who gives gifts at a dinner party? I have the sneaking suspicion this is too much. Then again, I don’t care. See, I have a great idea…} I feel like Bree VanDerkamp has taken over, with a prissy coif and all — although I’m nicer. I swear.

Reversible market tote, 2

I get such a kick from pulling entertaining ideas from magazines and watching them come to life. I love the idea of serving a great meal on pretty plates in a clean home with the quintessential Hollywood homemaker soundtrack playing in the background. And well, if that sounds bonkers, then so be it.

Reversible market tote

This week, my new reversible market tote will be filled with ingredients for my African-themed feast: peanut soup over rice, piri piri shrimp, banana leaves for koki, coconut, avocado and mangoes, South African reisling and Tusker. I may need two totes.

I should fall back on my mama’s wise advice: live like it doesn’t matter what others think. Life is too short to worry about spoiling your friends.