sliced apples
Apples ready for the pie
Recipe note cards
Pumpkin polenta batter

I know I’m happy when time is of no importance. I’m not glacing at the clock, wondering what I’ll do next. I’m not wearing a watch. I’m not setting an alarm or rushing to the next event. This week, I’m living in my apron, preparing pies and breads and meals for the people I love. Last night I baked 10 loaves of pumpkin polenta bread and sliced apples for a pie that will go in the oven today. When I looked up after finishing the dishes and rinsing the flour from my hands and arms, hours had flown by. I smiled, stretching my hands above my head and taking in a deep breath of warm air scented with nutmeg, cinnamon and sweetness.
Tonight when my family arrives, we’ll feast on butternut squash lasagna and spinach salad. I’ve got a pot of lentils stewing on the stove for Thanksgiving and a picnic basket full of baked goods to deliver to the bagel shop and office. I am thankful I am not hungry. There are many people in this world who are.