I am not the most patient driver. This is one of many things I’m working on. I have the tendency to tailgate and to drive way too fast. I am constantly reminded that this is a foolish way to drive and I need to change my ways. Yesterday was the perfect example.

100 cupcakes

I’m cruising down the freeway, trying to get to a surprise birthday party for my friend Ann before she walked in the door. I’d baked for the masses and had two platters full of iced cupcakes in my car — one on the front seat, one on the back.
Can you see where this story is going? I took an off ramp on to another highway, only to be dropped down into a huge mess of unexpected traffic. I hit my brakes and the cupcakes went flying. I have bits of chocolate frosting, coconut and cream cheese all over my car — a sweet reminder to slow down! Thankfully, they weren’t ruined and I got to the party in time to make the surprise, with most of the baked goods in tow.

swing bag

I thought Ann should have a rockin’ 30th birthday bag too. She isn’t really the “pursey” type, but I think she’ll dig the simplicity of this fabric and design.

matching wristlet, key chain

Again, it is an Amy Butler swing bag. I used fabric from Ikea that I just love and lined it with a bright red cotton. I got the idea for the key chain from Autum. Great tutorial!

Driving a bit slower,