I had the craziest dream last night — one for the memory books. (Or the blog, natch.) I went to a benefit concert for Africa as Angelina and Brad’s guest.
That Angelina and Brad.
I remember arriving at the gates and having Brad recognize me and escort me backstage — much to my friend’s shock — only to throw my arms around Angelina. She was so happy to see me! And I kept telling them, “I’m just so happy you guys are happy. I mean after the scandal and all, you look great.” We talked Africa and strategies for ending global poverty and it was such fun to hang out with them.

[Note to self: Less US Weekly. More National Geographic.]

As if this dream wasn’t strange enough, when I woke up, I also remembered going to a salon and requesting a “Shaggy bob. Just take off the bottom part. It’s too hot.”

New hair, front2

Then I ran my fingers through my hair and remember that wasn’t the dream. Pretty sure I never uttered “Dorothy Hamil,” but it’s okay. It certainly is cooler, although I do feel like I’m living a “Not Dudley Moore! I said Demi Moore!” moment.