Remember this hat my friend Jerry at the bagel shop wanted?
Well, two skeins of wool and two months later, I finished it last night.

African Nudu cap complete

Without a pattern, but with lots of advice from knitters, I set out to tackle this project. It doesn’t look exactly like Billy Gibbons’, but it isn’t a bad imitation.

nudu cap, pre-felting

First I knit a huge beanie, with lots of yarn overs to create a steady pattern of holes in the hat. It reminded me of honeycomb before it was felted.

nudu cap, showing yarn over holes

After felting, the hat shrunk to a much more appropriate size and I started knitting a three-stitch icord. One skein (and hours upon hours of felting later) I had enough nubs to sew on the nudu cap.

Nudu cap and first icord, felted

One by one I sewed these babies to the hat, over the holes. Voila — an African nudu cap, ala Africankelli.

One by one
Smiling African Jerry

Jerry was tickled with the result. Even though it is a mighty warm 90 degrees here today, he put the wool cap on and walked out into the sun to face the day. Sweaty, but happy!

Dork with her mask

This is one of my favorite masks from Cameroon — home of the original nudu cap. I bought this from a vendor in Foumban — an artist colony. It is made of clay and I just love it. A happy memory of my brief time in that country.


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