A craft splurge

I have been pretty diligent about not purchasing more art supplies for the last 6 months. I’ve created knitting projects from scrap, made journals with left over pieces of paper, and sewn myself silly with my stashed supply. However, the holidays bring a new list of projects that required a bit of splurging. Plus, I heard the economy could use us to all spend a bit. Patriotically, I obliged.

New paper supplies

I spent an afternoon with Charlene {Kinchie}, and she introduced me to two new paper stores nearby. I was lucky to have escaped for less than $30.

Cigar box

How great is this cigar box? It is from Nicaragua {swoon!} and it is reused. I’m going to add some sass and create a correspondence kit as one of many handmade holiday gifts.

New baby gift supplies

Soft yellow fleece and new ribbon for tag baby blankies. If I were a considerably more talented and patient seamstress, I’d consider a project like this. How amazing is that Frida quilt and the process? Caray.

What are you working on?