Pumpkin Pasta

Dear Finny,

I got around to making the first of our October CRAFT selections and wow, this recipe is so very good. I made a few substitutions, including avoiding the half/half.  Instead I used a bit more sour cream and this was out-of-this-world-good. (I made an ass out of myself by saying so repeatedly until my guest finally agreed with my awesomeness and lack of humility.)  I also splurged for fresh sage, which we added to the chicken, instead of sausage, while cooking and then again as a garnish. Fantastic! A+ recipe.

Pumpkin Pasta

It dawned on me yesterday as a Freecycle stranger arrived to collect my TV that perhaps I am a wee bit ridiculous. Obviously there is a bit of stress happening in areas of my life I really cannot control.  And so, in reaction I decided that greatly cutting down the things I own would be the best idea. I can control this, in contrast. But really? I miss Khloe, Kim and Kourtney already, plus that banana crazed Rachel Zoe.

I can also quell the internal anxieties with really good food. The pasta? Topped by a great dessert:

Kaluha Coffee Chocolate Cupcakes

Dark chocolate kaluha coffee cupcakes — recipe improvised that includes a box of Devil’s Food Cake, lots of booze, dark roast coffee and sour cream.

After a whirlwind couple of weeks of travel, it does feel good to be home, in the kitchen and getting back to the routine. I’ve got a lengthy list of domestic duties keeping me happy today, including swinging through JoAnns to pick up some yarn for that other October project. I think Cody would look great with one of these on his snowboard this winter. Think green, without the cables.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, my friend. I miss you like it is my job.