I’ve been MIA this week, according to my dear Mini. I turned in my “final” edits for the novel after finding typos here and there in the first edition. Afterward, I thankfully pushed my laptop away for a bit. It’s been push push PUSH for quite a while. It felt good to receive two checks this week for books sold and to not be hunched over the keys pushing myself to do a single thing.

I love to write when passion strikes and flows. This occurs 98% of the time I make the time. Blogging, writing, journaling — they’ve never been a chore. (I know. I know. That’s as obnoxious to admit as when I say I adore cardio. But both are sincerely true! I’m a weirdo.)

That other 2%? That’s the editing. It’s finding the dumb errors that make me cringe and squirm and procrastinate. It’s the part of writing I’d rather avoid. And so, it takes forever to get the momentum to accomplish this tiny task; yet when it is complete, it feels like I’ve run a marathon.

In progress

A break from technology was in order, which allowed time for movies, reading, new music* and knitting. Oh, the repetitive joy of knit and purl. I am lost in a couple glorious knitting projects at the moment, which are gifts. I’ll tell you the very basics. This wrap is a replica of the gorgeous orange three button wrap Tina knit for me. It’s a periwinkle blue. I’ve got the same yarn in a bright ruby red to knit next. I’m finding delight in slowly constructing both.

In the meantime, the vivid characters, plot and scene of book two are increasing from a trot to a gallop in my brain. It’s only a matter of time before I’m happily hunched again, fingers trying to keep up with the images dancing in my mind.


* Current media adoration: film — all things Almodovar. He’s a weird, creative and highly entertaining storyteller. ¬†Books — Colum McCann. Music — Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot. All joyful escapes to refuel the creative coffers.