Dear Santa,
Hi there! How are you? Busy from the craziness of the season? What’s that you say? You’ve been delegating your responsibilities after finding out you have Type 2 Diabetes? I’d been worried about your belly. You know, belly fat is the most dangerous. Don’t worry Santa. I’ll leave you a copy of the Moosewood Cookbook to take back to Mrs. Claus. Studies show a vegetarian diet is a healthier choice — including reducing your chances of getting cancer by double digits. You’ll find the book under some fresh fruit (in lieu of cookies), and a nice glass of soy milk.
Santa dearest, if you could manage to squeeze a few things into your sleigh for moi, here’s what I’m thinking:
1. Skirts. I love skirts. My legs look cute in skirts. Skirts fit my height well. Skirts are good for me. This pretty yellow one is nice. Or how about the blue one?
Better yet, how about you deliver me a simple pattern for a cute skirt and a few hours with my mama to sew my own? Fantastic!

2. Stationery. I never met pretty paper I didn’t love. I could use a new address book for that matter too. How about this paper set from my very favorite paper store in Beverly Hills? While you are there…

3. It seems that underwear are pass√© among LA trollops these days. Santa, could you please do something about this? On your way to Phoenix, please consider delivering a significant number of panties to the Malibu/Hollywood/LA area. Make them lacy. Make them giant. I don’t care. Let’s just stop the commando craziness already. We’ll consider this a gift to all women in America.

4. So many books, so little time. I’m reading about a novel a week these days Santa. But, I promise, if you haul a few of these my way, I’ll pass them along when I am done.

5. A green thumb. Santa, if you could point me in the right direction to how I can grow a tiny vegetable garden and learn how to compost, I’d be so appreciative. I just can’t seem to keep anything alive — including pothos, the seemingly indestructible house plant. The only thing I seem to be great at growing is mold in the cottage cheese container I forgot in the back of the fridge. Pretty sure that doesn’t count. Need some inspiration Santie? (Can I call you Santie? It’s cute.) Lookie here.

6. A flight to Rome. Let’s not beat around the bush. One of my most favorite people lives there and I haven’t gotten my lazy bum over for a visit. I’m thinking May, and two weeks or so. Want to come along?

7. These will make my baking a bit easier. And they won’t take up much room in your sleigh either.

8. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Think Jack. He’d certainly do. Shoot, I’d even move to the island. And if that can’t happen, please feel free to bring the island to me.

Thank you!


{Someone left a comment this week that my advent projects are like a crafty shopping guide. That got me thinking. What do I want for Christmas this year? What do you want? And don’t give me any “world peace” Miss America answers. Prayers for peace are a daily — not holiday specific — theme ’round here. God bless all countries.}