Part of the joy of visiting my parents is being taken care of. They pick me up from the airport, shower me with attention, take me to eat at their favorite restaurants, tuck me in at night and eventually drive me back to the airport. I sleep 12 hours a night without a care in the world. I eat a slice of any delicious family recipe I can get a plate of. I laugh until it hurts. I enjoy every drop of the time we get to spend together.

mom and dad, the gulf

This quick Easter jaunt was no different. We saw “Blades of Glory” — which I loved. My father, on the other hand, isn’t a fan of Will Ferrell. He kept this to himself until after the movie. I stood there shocked and could only reply, “You just need more cowbell.”
We took a quick trip to Corpus Christi to see the Gulf of Mexico. It is decidedly brown in comparison to the Pacific.

Fishing of the Bob Hall Pier
why they call them sheephead fish

Sheephead fish. Look at those teeth!

My mom and I shopped until our credit cards threatened to strike. My dad and I watched the Masters and were thrilled when a young, newbie won. I also spent some quality time with Dharma, the favorite child. It was a wonderful weekend.

dharma, napping, eyes closed

Now, back to the previously scheduled routine. I’ve got lots of tri-training, working and crafting to enjoy this week. It feels great to do so with the fresh start of post-Easter spring.

A wonderful week to all!