That crafty Martha gave me another idea. In one of the recent Living issues, she listed a handful of projects using old, matted wool sweaters. Living in Arizona, I don’t have many (any) of these hanging around, but thankfully I did have one gifted to me by a fellow crafter in a recent swap.
I followed Martie’s instructions on how to transform this lovely gray sweater into a pair of simple and sweet mittens. {What? You don’t call her Martie? Come on. She’s been in prison. I’d guess this is one of her kinder monikers. Then again, looking at her successful return to society, I’d guess there’s nothing like time in the pokey to make you more inventive. Spoon = shovel. Straw = shiv… Well, that’s a whole different magazine.}

Martha's idea
pinned glove pattern
gloves cut from sweater
completed felted gloves

Voila — a unique and warm pair of gloves. After I took this photo, I dolled these gloves up a bit with a few pretty black glass buttons sewn on the cuffs. They are wrapped and under my little tree, ready for a certain family member’s hands.
I’m going to use the remaining part of the sweater to create iPod cozies. That way when you throw your tunes in your purse, the screen doesn’t get scratched by your keys. I’m thinking of embellishing these with embroidered initials, buttons and a piece of pretty ribbon around the edge.

I promise you all of my advent posts won’t be crafty. I’ve got some decorating, wrapping and baking ideas coming down the pike too. It’s just that I’ve been sitting on these photos for a bit and couldn’t wait to share.