My Grammie J is British. I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two. She loves tea and knitting and all things English — although she’s lived in the US so long she doesn’t even maintain the accent. (Although she does proudly maintain her UK citizenship — and who can blame her in these times?)
Grammie J was particularly proud when I decided to learn to knit. You can imagine how happy I was to call her this weekend to report: I can officially knit cables! She was almost emotional, in her decidedly English way. {If there was one way I wish I was more British, it would be this talent of controlling one’s emotions. Although I have broken her down into telling me she loves me with every single phone call. Ha! Score one for American influence.}


This hat is the asymmetrical beanie from One Skein. If you are interested in learning how to knit cables, but feel a wee bit skeptical of your abilities, try this pattern. If you know how to rib, you’ll be just fine. The pattern teaches you not only how to cable, but also how to follow one of those wonky knitting dot/dash graphs. You can’t tell by this photo (seriously, need a tripod already) but the hat has three sizes of cables.
I picked up this earthy green yarn on Knit Picks and even have an extra skein. I followed Min’s lead on the hat and am going to follow Finny’s lead on a cabled scarf to finish up the yarn. The matching pair were intended as a gift, but alas — the curse is true. Instead, they’ll be donated to one of my favorite charities for an upcoming silent auction.

What are you itching to learn? Next on my plate: beading.