Spring blooms 008

Tomorrow I’m off to Mexico for the day for work. In turn, today is “comp time.” Sweet cracker sandwich, I love the odd vacation day.
It’s 5 am and I’ve got snickerdoodles and brownies hot out of the oven ready to be delivered to the bagel shop, a pretty spring dress and sandals to wear, a massage scheduled for this afternoon, a stack of new magazines to go through and the Tempe Art Festival starts today. One would think I would have planned to sleep in. Alas, my body is in a set routine. Just that much more time to enjoy the day.
Plus the desert is coming back to life after a brief winter. The cacti are blooming in wild colors and everyone in Phoenix seems to be outside, drinking up this weather with a glass in both hands. The only indoor activity I’d like to schedule this weekend is seeing this movie. Life is good.
Happy weekend!
And if I don’t show up Monday, send a search posse. Tequila, pinatas, blue and white pottery, awesomely cheap vanilla…