Roller coasters, penguins, Shamu, Candu and Mamu and a whole lot of WOO HOO! We had a great time at Sea World today.

Hi there Flipper

I had forgotten how exhausting theme parks can be. We arrived when the park opened and had ridden all the roller coasters within the first two hours. By then, the stroller army had come out in force and wee ones in bathing suits were running and screaming in all directions. We headed toward the animal exhibits and I fell in love with the penguins. They are too sweet! Actually, they were so pretty and majestic up close I thought they were fake. They seemed a bit robotic because they were too perfect. In May I am traveling to San Francisco and am taking a vacation day. I plan on visiting the San Francisco Zoo just to see their well-praised penguin exhibit. Stunning! Although, sadly no photos to back up this statement. The photography ops were limited. But look who did pose for me:

Nothing says Sea World like the random donkey

What? You were expecting the clich√© Orca shot? Well, I’d hate to disappoint.


And then, of course, I found the African angle to a water park with killer whales in the middle of Texas.

Hi friends!

Yes, we can ship artic animals to the center of Texas (just think about the absurdity for a second. Please.), but pressing national issues, like um, healthcare, immigration and peace? Well, let’s leave those to D.C. The true brains are obviously in San Antonio. I can’t even imagine what type of flights these animals required.

Stepping away from my cynicism for a moment, any day I can ride roller coasters with my parents is an awesome day. Two quotes from my mom:
When watching Viva!, a show with a fair combination of dolphin and whales paired with excessive synchronized swimming, she shouts, “Bring back the fish!” The kids standing around us applauded.

And, when I wanted to see the penguins after riding the first roller coaster, my mother — notorious for her animal-loving ways — says, “They smell. Let’s hit the rides.” I think she was temporarily possessed.

Six hours later, we’d conquered the park, been thrown upside down, drenched on a log ride, and close enough to pet a dolphin. A nap was in order.

A fun day indeed,