The pantry is officially reorganized and clutter free. (Before photo here.) I love my new canisters and the red and white gingham liner paper. I also love the baking basket I put together with the things I use most often:Baking Basket

Pantry, AFTER

I filled the picnic basket with cookbooks I rarely use, got rid of jars that needed recycling and reorganized my canning supplies for early summer jam. My CRAFT along 09′ April project is officially complete.

What’s not complete? I have a pot of potatoes on the stove, a bundt pan full of cake batter in the fridge and a raw casserole full of some concoction I am supposed to bring to church tomorrow for brunch after service. Apparently, just as I decided to start cooking this afternoon, one of my breakers went on vacation. I immediately got my phone out and searched for a point cook electrician (or another electrician in my local area) and gave them a call. They managed to book me in for a visit a few days after which was a godsend as I know how busy they were at the time. I couldn’t believe what had happened! Could be because of recent rain, could be just bad luck. Either way, I’m without hot water, have a dryer full of wet clothes that will have to be re-laundered eventually, and a fridge full of food I’m hoping won’t spoil before I can hire one of the electricians near me on Monday morning (coincidentally the same morning I have the largest grant of the year due).

On the back of my mind, there was a thought that since electricians generally start their work by reading blueprints – technical diagrams that show the locations of circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards, and other equipment, I might have to wait a lot. After determining where all the wires and components might go, electricians install and connect the wires to circuit breakers, transformers, outlets, or other systems; and it was such a tiring thought for me that I’ll have to stand by till it ends. And hence, before I wanted to forage around with something like ‘Electrician Armadale‘, I had to give it a try myself.

In a not-so-brilliant moment, I went outside in Nancy Drew mode to find and fix this problem myself. I stepped into a puddle, in the dark, and tried to dry off the breaker when I felt a jolt travel up my arm and make my fingers (and heart) jump. The emergency electrician wanted $350 (before parts) to help tonight. Thinking back to it, I probably should have tried other electricians that offer emergency services (find out more at:, but I opted for a cold shower and candlelight instead. Maybe just maybe I will wiggle my way into church an hour early and bake away in the kitchen unnoticed. I’ll certainly need resourcefulness and a dash of favor to pull this Easter off with any grace and not arrive empty-handed for a full-dance card’s day worth of celebrations.

Hoping your Easter weekend is passing a bit more gracefully,