I woke up this morning, and I swear I felt like my sight is going. I don’t know what the problem is, but my vision is considerably less accurate today than it was yesterday. I think that I need to get my eyes checked and buy a new pair of Glasses to replace the old ones.

Mental note: add $300 to the already strapped December budget. Joy. Good thing I’m on my way out the door for a long swim, which requires little grace or 20/20 vision. Before I strap on my goggles, a few thoughts dancing around this morning:

~ Yesterday’s run was wonderful. The race redefined community participation. In contrast to some of the gazillion dollar races I’ve run in (namely the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, which includes a full day trade show the day before with every athletic technology known to man), yesterday was 40 people on a dusty canal with nothing more than a stop watch and a mission. Rex stood at the start line (which doubled as the finish line) with a huge smile and I could tell he was embarrassed, but happy about our “I’m running for Rex” t-shirts. Everyone applauded him beforehand and gave him a high five when we finished. Several friends made it out for the run and it was a great time. Thank you all for your support! On a health update, Rex has one more round of chemo next week; I’ve got my fingers crossed he is creeping toward remission.
Prayers are answered.

~ I am so pleased to have signed up for Shelley’s City Swap. Shell is one of my closest friends from college. I could write novels about how incredible I think she is, but in a nutshell: when NAU stopped carrying Italian courses, she petitioned the university until they provided her with the education she wanted. Even if they may have rolled their eyes at the one girl on campus who wanted to learn Italian, they eventually caved. Shelley didn’t waste the knowledge; today she runs her own bed and breakfast in Rome with her Italian fiance Alessandro. Oh, and she speaks Italian fluently, of course. Finny chronicles Shell’s amazing life much better.
For the City Swap, I’ve been matched with Molly in Alaska. She seems more than somewhat refined and makes me once again wish I had this outdoorsy life I don’t have in Phoenix. I am looking forward to creatively coming up with $20 worth of Phoenix to send to arctic. (Close enough.)

~Turkey week is upon us and I’ve got my elastic pants ready. My parents arrive Tuesday and you can’t hear me, but I’m jumping for joy and doing my best Homer J. Simpson “WOO HOO!!”