Ready to be photo copied

When I watched Cinderella as a girl, I was entranced by her ability to cook, clean, make nice with the animals and put up with her evil family. She could sew beautiful clothing from scraps, get a palace shiny in no time and seemingly do so with a great attitude. The girl deserved a prince, although I have my doubts on whether he was so deserving.
I’m having a Cinderella kind of week. I’ve got lots of cleaning, sorting and repurposing taking place, with an emphasis on this week. Next week I’m traveling for work and the week after my family arrives for Thanksgiving. I’m — twitch, twitch— feeling a bit of pressure to meet all my self-imposed deadlines.
After running Sunday, I napped on the couch but couldn’t do so without feeling this early holiday pressure sitting on my chest. Alas, I had no energy to sew or clean. Sorting on the other hand takes little to no effort whatsoever.
I hauled out several years’ worth of magazines I’d been saving and pulled out the sticky notes. After a couple of hours of scanning through recipes, craft ideas and gardening tips, my domestic mojo was flowing. (The heavily caffeinated tea I was sipping may have added to this rush.)

the after pile

I turned a giant pile of magazines I loved into a small handful of pages for my domestic bliss folder. I gave the rest of the magazines away to a local women’s project and cleared off some serious shelf space in my studio. I also sorted through the books on the shelves and began recirculating them yesterday.


This week’s goals include:
~oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies (feed the frisbee team)
~lemontime cookies (feed the bagel shop men, who are now making requests!)
~chocolate birthday cupcakes with buttercream frosting (for my fabulous friend John)

cookies of the month

~finishing up my Christmas project. I’ve got 10 sewn and 3 cut and waiting for me on my craft table.
~cutting out patterns from In Stitches for a birthday gift to go with those cupcakes

tomato pincushions

~Clearing out the current state of chaos on my patio.
~watering and preparing for weekend planting. I’m thinking lettuce, rosemary, and perhaps even a wee lemon tree.

clip art

~Closets, linens and kitchen this week. Must keep the mojo flowing. Twitch. Twitch.

Fairy godmother? Are you there?