Me, Sugar Ray, Nicole

Me*, Sugar Ray and my college-friend Nicole, backstage at That Damn Show in 1998.

My friend Eric recently emailed this photo and I honestly don’t remember meeting Mark McGrath. We were at a big concert in Phoenix under the guise of covering the music for the student newspaper. I remember Gwen Stefani — she was amazing. And that Cake rushed off the stage and were booed. Chances are I was one of the only sober ones in the entire stadium and this brush with fame doesn’t ring a bell. Actually, it just makes me miss Nicole. I have no idea where she is these days.

Backstage in real life, I’ve got a bunch of little things to catch up with this weekend. I’m using a new budgeting tool to stay focused with money and really need to teach myself how to do food budgeting. If there is one area where I simply spend way, way too much — it’s in groceries. When I cook, I like to have the nicest ingredients. I don’t mind going into a fancy grocery store for a certain kind of cheese or fresh herb. This is foolish behavior. I know better and it is time to get back to Crockpot cooking, eating leftovers and learning to cut (and use) coupons.

Otherwise, tomorrow morning I am looking forward to a long walk and breakfast with Clarita. I love this woman. We don’t get to spend enough time together now that we aren’t working in the same office and I really miss her company. I hope to lure her to have breakfast at the Old Town Farmer’s Market so I can splurge on one of those pretty baskets. I’ve intentionally cut my spending in other places this week so I could go visit Abdullah without the guilt trip. And hey, if I am carrying coupons, I might as well go to the market with a stylish basket, right? Ah, the rationale of a frugalista in training…

I’ve also got seeds to plant, a baby gift to finish, sewing projects overflowing on the kitchen table, a refugee prayer service to attend and a turkey to bowl. My bowling team wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if I bowled with any sort of ability. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise?

Happy weekend friends,


* This photo just about crushes any idea I had of being in shape in college. Yikes.