Sydney is coming to stay with me for the weekend. I can’t wait. He’ll be here tomorrow. Makes me giggle a little that Matty’s middle name is Sydney. So now I’ll have two on the couch.

Well, after two short weeks of being in the crazy la la land of undetermined employment, I’ve found a new job! I’m happily now employed in an entirely new field, which is both exhilarating and terrifying. I’m still working in health, but on the corporate side. Yesterday was my first taste; it feels refreshing to be so challenged by new tasks and information.

Yes, I’ve only done this for one day. And it wasn’t even a full day, but I can tell you that I slept well last night knowing I’m going to be putting my brain to use again. A few other perks:

  • The social aspect is much healthier. Essentially for the last two years I’ve been working alone in an office. This space is entirely different, with new people coming and going everyday and no end of conversation.
  • My new workplace has a fantastic paid time off (PTO) policy in place. Alongside an annual entitlement, all employees are able to earn additional vacation days by exceeding targets and working overtime. I cannot wait to get stuck in properly, and I am already coming up with a plan to earn those extra days off!
  • I’m wearing a dress. With heels. And a piece of jewelry. I know that sounds silly, but it felt good to get up this morning and find something great to wear to work. While I love a good stretchy pant as much as the next girl, there is something so fulfilling about wanting to dress to the nines. I feel much more confident when I also feel pretty. (Making Gloria Steinem proud, I realize.)
  • Perhaps most importantly, I’ve been given a huge new responsibility I don’t yet know how to tackle. I love puzzles and a challenge! The easiest way to get me motivated to greatness is to suggest I am not capable. So, I’m going to prove the few naysayers to shame.

Thank you for your countless emails about my job loss. Your well wishes worked and I am so very grateful! Now, back to work…