Lounge Pants for Susie

Latest pair of lounge pants

I have a friend who is pregnant, and in true community spirit, we are all praying and cheering and rooting for this baby to arrive healthy, happy and talking about what an amazing stork ride he just had. In trying to honor the privacy of the situation, I’ll just say this — she and her husband have had a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking series of experiences in trying to start a family. They are both amazing folk, the type of people you just know were meant to share their love and joy with a child. As their friend, it has been so hard to watch them suffer. I have spent many a day crying with and for them.

And so, when they became pregnant and she asked for a pair of comfy lounge pants to wear as she hangs around the house, waiting for the sweet arrival of this babe and watching her tummy grow — I knew the project needed to be just right. I selected this bee fabric because, simply, they are a symbol of fertility. They are yellow because you can’t be anything but hopeful in pants that remind you of a warm, sunny day. They are drawstring because that baby is growing, turning and kicking away and this champ is going to need a lot of room.

So — if you pray, or believe in vibes or karma or whatever you want to call it — I would really appreciate you sending lots of great thoughts to my friend and her husband. When this baby is born, we are going to throw one heck of a party. I cannot wait to tell him how cherished he’s always been and how lucky he is to have these great parents.