Finny and I met up last week for our annual girl’s adventure. This year, we tackled Austin, Texas. And oh — the shenanigans:





Chicken shack

Electric Cock


The Electric Cock

Colorado River

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Finny and Donk





Albino Dog

We rented bikes from Barton Springs Bike Rental (A+), where the shop dog — Bubs — is a deaf, albino Australian Shepherd. We almost didn’t want to go ride, we were so in love. And the owners have incorporated the sweet dog in their logo and neon sign outside. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a town more in love with dogs.

Riding bikes along the Colorado River was like a giant Nike ad. Healthy people everywhere, doing their thing, many with dogs in tow:


Austin is a teacup of a town; you can rent a bike and see the majority of it within a few hours, including the great stretches along the shady river. If I lived here, I’d be on these trails all the time. It was nice to have a bit of exercise thrown into a trip that traditionally only makes us work up a sweat from lifting tequila to our lips. This year? Much tamer. Still great food, the best company and a lot of fun wandering — but we behaved.

Lockhart Black\'s BBQ

Black\'s BBQ


Snack Shack


Snack Shack

Bless our Texan bbq loving hearts, we may be growing up:

Finny and Donk

Love that girl.