Once upon a time, I found this pillowtop at a thrift store. I don’t remember when, but I know it was within the last year. And I’m fairly certain it cost less than $5. The author signed the embroidered piece. I tucked it away with my fabric and found it a few weeks ago.

Sewing and repurposing

It deserved finishing.

Since my parents moved and I no longer have the world’s greatest crafter at my leisure, I relied on a coworker — who is also incredibly good at all things sewn, knitted, embroidered, etc. I showed her the pillow top and asked what she would do.

“Well, I’d finish it. And I have the perfect backing for you at home. Let me bring that in.”

Sewing and repurposing

Another trip to a local thrift store produced the perfect sized $2 pillow form.

Sewing and repurposing


And voila — the finished peony pillow. I kinda love it.