Happy 1 year anniversary, Colorado. What a fun, crazy, adventurous time it has been:

Rafting Clear Creek

Willie Nelson Mandela

Hydrangea bush

I love Colorado.* I am grateful for the many things this move has provided, namely: a much stronger relationship with my brother, Willie Nelson Mandela, new friendships, a great church, a chance to volunteer at a local food bank and be involved with community, four seasons, and Adam and Kim’s move here too.

Jess, Cody, Leila and Raja


My brother isn’t fond of me writing about him on “the blogs” and regularly gives me a hard time that someone is “going to make a skin suit out of me if I’m not more careful online.” And yet, in the last year, he’s started running and I’ve accepted his love of hunting. We’ve taken long hikes and debated faith — both trying for the first time to understand the other’s perspective. We argued over countless meals about nutrition, sports, and which Kardashian sister is the least annoying. (His girlfriend might be a minor influence in his life.) We’ve even got a 1/2 marathon on the books to do together this summer.

I love that man second only to my father, and my life is better with him in it. If for no other reason, I’m thankful to be in Colorado for Cody. Coors Tour

Denver 30: 17

It’s also rad to have a friend here who calls me her little sister, includes me in their family events (including the above shenanigan: the Dating Game) and is a consistent ear when I need someone. I’m really lucky to have her.


First snow

New hat for Duda




Also — I am thanful for Bird, who regularly reminds me I’m wound too tight and need to smile and get out of my head more. He’s a blessing.

Year two: Golden, chickens, book 2 published, first 14er summited, garden + pantry full of canned goods, 1/2 marathon, new trails explored with Nelson, new friends loved, life nutured and celebrated.


* AZ disclaimer: if you are reading this from the great 8-5-2-0-2, or near — know how much I miss you. Especially your kids.