Zimbabwe has been falling apart by the seams for years thanks to the wicked, cruel leadership of Robert Mugabe. The country once well known for its fertile earth, beautiful people and Victoria Falls has become the poster child for what is wrong in Africa.
The government is corrupt. People are starving to death — bitter irony for the breadbasket of Africa. Dissenting voices are beaten and kidnapped. AIDS, poverty and violence are so common that Zimbabweans struggle to remember a life before these three ugly neighbors set up camp.

Thankfully, it seems this bitter storm of destruction is finally getting the attention it has long deserved. Mr. Mugabe, I hope you are saying your prayers and counting your days. I have a great feeling your dictatorship is finally coming to a grinding halt.

Zimbabweans — hold tight. Help your neighbors. Take refuge. Be hopeful. The world is praying for you and hoping peace returns swiftly to your sweet country.


P.S. South Africa? Buck up. Your neighbors need you. Stop playing politics and get in there and help these people. I don’t care if Mugabe helped end apartheid. He’s the Hitler of Africa and you are playing Switzerland annoyingly well.