I didn’t get much cycling in this weekend, or swimming for that matter. I did, however, spend an hour or two at my favorite brewery, wash dishes at a soup kitchen, have lunch with girlfriends, enjoy 100 pages in a new novel I’m reading, and enjoy an ice cream cone in the sun after shopping the afternoon away with Alma. My bike may be dusty, but I’m not. It was a fantastically social weekend, with a few projects wrapped up in between outings.

Bedside organizer

February’s In Stitches project — check. I learned how to create pleats from this project, among other things. I split these in two and will be stuffing them with goodies and giving them away this month.

embroidery gift

A CAOK gift for an embroidery enthusiast I admire. Janet’s site is incredible. If you are an embroidery novice, you’ll truly appreciate her blog. She has a “stitch of the week” and I’ve learned quite a bit thanks to her patient tutorials.

scissors tied in

For example, this is my first time using blanket stitch. I used it around the little edges of this needle kit. I’m hoping my tension will get better with practice.

pink zebra pouch

A zebra bag for another girlfriend. Something about spring is making me love pink. I was never a “pink” girl growing up, but I am certainly celebrating all things rose these days. Pink. Pearls. Knitting. Sewing.
Good Lord. I’m becoming June Cleaver.