My brother Cody moved to Colorado a few months ago to start a new business. He’s living in a new city, with no friends, working his butt off. We talk regularly, fulfilling one of those pleasant surprises of adulthood — when you realize you actually like your sibling. Our phone calls have left me worried, wondering how he’s handling the loneliness. Cody’s always been a social butterfly, with every free moment spent with friends (and usually beer.) Moving to a new state without his posse was a gutsy move. Thankfully, I need not be so concerned.
Apparently he’s got more new friends than I can imagine, which isn’t that surprising. He inherited our family’s talent of talking up everyone and everything. He’s doing remarkably fantastic things for a desert native — like learning to fly fish.


They caught 8 trout and decided to cook one. He said the catching was much more fun than the cooking. No surprise.

Small Man, Big Mountain

Can you imagine moving from one of the hottest climates in the world to one where billion-gallon glaciers are within a quick drive? It’s July for Pete’s sake! And he’s wearing sleeves!

Lake Pumphouse

The worrying officially stops today. I’m pretty sure he’s living in heaven.