I can’t believe it is Monday. I feel like I just left this desk, just got in my car, just took my first sip of Friday Happy Hour cider. When the weather is this great, the time seems to slip away so quickly. My perfect weekend included large doses of cooking, knitting, sewing, cycling and movies.

Lessons learned:

mini film festival

Renting foreign films to watch while knitting sounds like a good idea, until you realize you have to watch every. single. scene. Without paying much attention I rented five movies, only two of which were in English. Next weekend? Babel and Little Miss Sunshine.

hat and scarf ready for auction

I can cable! The hat wasn’t just a rare fluke. I finished the scarf this weekend while squinting at subtitles. The pair are off to auction.

spokes on the knees

It is always smart to take a cell phone when cycling. I took a long ride yesterday out to Fountain Hills and got a flat on my way home. I’d never had a flat before and wasn’t sure how to fix it, even though I have a repair kit under my seat. I called a friend’s husband to come and pick me up, but before he could get there another cyclist stopped and helped me. It was a beautiful example of pay it forward. Not only did he squirm when I tried to thank him (including giving me a spare tube because my kit’s spare had a broken valve) but he wouldn’t let me even buy him something to drink. He just said, “Now you know how to fix these. You stop for the next guy.” Deal. The grease on my legs is still there and I’m wearing a skirt today to flaunt the fact that, “Hey! I fixed a tire yesterday on my bike and finished the ride!”

eggplant tacos

Final lesson — grilled eggplant and squash with a bit of cilantro and cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla = veggie taco heaven. Sweet reward to a weekend well spent.