I made it to Cape Town. I’ve been here for two days, actually. It is surreal. I can’t figure out if I love it or am so sick that people can live in this sort of luxury so close to the poverty and suffering I experienced last week. Then again, it isn’t fair to hold South African folks to a higher standard just because they are geographically closer.
Regardless, it is a bit crazy being back in the developed world and on vacation at such a nice place so quickly after last week’s work. I am trying to relax and enjoy myself, but am not having the easiest of times. Granted, yesterday’s tour of the wine country helped. Stellenbosch is truly beautiful, with rolling hills and wineries that had me dreaming of France and Santa Barbara and why can’t we all just live this way? Pretty, friendly and the wines were wonderful. My favorite was Goats Do Roam — which I’ve had more than once at home in the US. They had t-shirts for their bordeaux that read “Bored Doe.” I wanted one, but they didn’t have my size. I’m more of a shiraz anyway.
The highlight of the trip was Gorongoza National Park in Mozambique. We saw a slew of animals, although not the elephants or zebra I’d been dreaming of. The zebra we did see was tucked neatly behind a winery fence yesterday. We giggled with lips stained purple at the irony.
The low point was a wicked round of the flu. Could have been the flights or the orphanage or just a seasonal bug, but it nearly crippled me and I am so happy to have had my traveling companions. They have taken great care of me.
I have enjoyed this adventure greatly and look forward to returning when I can spend more time. It never seems to be enough.