1. My new pet peeve: finding certain magazines on the newsstands before they are mailed to my house. Hello! I am a subscriber! I should get first priority, non?

2. Speaking of one such offender, the May issue of Martha Stewart Living is their 150th issue and is awesome. The staff has really outdone itself. Love it! Because of their persuasive photos and clear writing, I’m going to try to bake croissants from scratch this weekend. Tell me that isn’t insane? Regardless, bravo MSL gang!

3. I love the way Sandra Oh’s character on Grey’s Anatomy can convey so much by simply saying, “Seriously?”

4. Barney on How I Met Your Mother is just about as great as television characters come. This week’s scene stealing line was, “That’s the little cherry on top of the big cherry on top of the giant ice cream sundae of awesomeness that is my life.” This was the same episode that flashed back to the time he was leaving to Nicaragua for the Peace Corps. He is too funny. Although I can’t help but wonder when Wanda is going to come in and she and Doogie are going to run off into the sunset together.

5. I was listening to “Talk of the Nation” today on NPR and the topic was the current situation in Sudan. Samantha Power, goddess that she is, made a great point in that other countries have to step up to the plate. The US is already providing the majority of the funding the United Nations is using to support the 3 million refugees living in camps near the Chad border. It is time for France and China specifically to provide more funding (and in my opinion man power) to get this conflict under control. Let’s flash back to 1994, shall we, when another certain genocide was taking place a few thousand miles south of Sudan. After Rwanda, we all said we wouldn’t let this happen again. We wouldn’t ignore the Africans. Well guess what? It is happening again and this time it is worse. And the US isn’t exactly in the place to make a big push on the ground with troops in another country with an Arab jihad problem. So, France, China, are you listening? Please step up. Pronto.

6. I need a new novel to read. I’m dying under the weight of serious books for work about poverty and J.M. Coetzee’s “Elizabeth Costello” for pleasure. Oy.

7. I’m loving my ability to download podcasts to my iPod and have something interesting to listen to in the car. Anyone know who Brini Maxwell is? I’ve got her podcast and she is amusing to hear, but only because she is obnoxious. I think she might be a British domestic advice columnist?