When poster board becomes art

I pulled out my yard stick and poster board yesterday to create my triathlon schedule. Yep, I need to be that focused to be mentally prepared come race day. Several of you asked which plan I am going to use, and the answer wasn’t easy. There are so many options and of course, each author thinks his/her method is the best. I’ve been reading The Woman Triathlete and recommend it primarily because it has kept my interest. I have serious attention deficit issues when it comes to nonfiction, but I busted through this book in no time and have decided to give their schedule my best effort — including one crazed, giant schedule of the next 20 weeks of my life.
Come October 28, I’ll be 1/2 Ironwoman. The other half is up for conversation. Crabby? Sore? Tired? This week all three. Hopefully fit, happy and ready for a giant margarita come race day.
With all this tri nonsense, I’ve been thinking about other activities in triplicate. The crafty triathlon, for instance. One must knit, sew and embroider. The cooking tri: baking, broiling and basting. The traveling tri: packing, photographing, journaling. The summer fashion tri: flip flops, skirts, tanks. The summer media tri: reading, listening, watching. The Ikea shopping tri: in white, just right, the perfect Dutch.
What kind of tri would you like to compete in?