Me, December 2006

I think thanks to my regular posting, and frequent commenting on other’s blogs, I have a growing readership. I find myself regularly answering the same questions in email from y’all, and without a set blog bio, I thought I’d clarify a few things. {By the way, thanks for the comments! It is such fun to read what you think about this craziness.}

1. I am not African. Let’s just get that one out there right now. Africankelli is not even my nickname, although more than once in the last few years I’ve been introduced as, “Kelli. You know. Africankelli.”
After college, I joined the Peace Corps and lived briefly in Cameroon — central Africa. Once my collegiate email address expired, I needed something catchy. I was headed to Africa and viola — the moniker was created. My mom’s wise comment was, “Well, there’s only one Africankelli.” As far as I know, she’s right. Today, I work in health and get to travel to Africa about once a year.

2. I have grown up and lived in Arizona nearly all of my life. I have also lived in Torreon, Mexico. I speak Spanish and a wee bit of African French.

3. One day, I’ll be a published author. Until then, I spend a lot of my free time sending out literary agent queries for the novel I’ve finished and the novel I am working on.

4. “How do you do so much?” This question makes me blush and gag. I’m not super-human, I’m a super-dork. I keep my camera on hand and am obsessed with documentation. I photograph just about every art, gardening and kitchen project. You’d be surprised how much of it doesn’t end up on my blog.

5. I’d rather give a gift than receive one any day of the week.

6. I don’t have cable TV. I would rather spend money on films. I’d watch a foreign or independent movie any day of the week.

7. My parents and my brother are some of my best friends. We speak daily, especially now that they aren’t living in Arizona. To some, that is weird. To us, it is normal. My brother asked me the other day if I think it is strange we say, “I love you!” before we say goodbye with each call. I don’t .

8. I love gossip magazines, but hate that I love them.

9. I started sewing, knitting and becoming domestic in March 2005 after joining the first Backtack. I was fresh out of grad school and had some time on my hands. My wise mama seized the opportunity to woo me to her world of craft. It worked.
So, when you ask if I am an experienced sewer or why I don’t have an Etsy shop, I scratch my bashful head and thank God my photos don’t show the details. {By the way, there are certainly days I wish I had spent all that grad school money on culinary or art school.}

10. I’m known for telling terribly childish jokes.

11. I drink about a gallon of water a day.

12. I think one day I’ll be a politician. If not in the government, than I’ll certainly be the mayor of my household.

13. I love blogging about what is good in my life. There is plenty going on behind the scenes you don’t want to hear about. Believe it or not, I’m not a resident of Pleasantville.