September 2009


: Matty returns to Australia and is already missed

: 10 Golden days

: 22nd French birthday party for Shoshana

: The return of the Pre-emptive Strikes Bowling Team

: Sin Nombre, Arrested Development, Weeds, Californication — thank you Netflix

: Bon Iver in concert last night; so very good!

: Spending time with new girlfriends, laughing equally at ourselves and each other

: Reuniting with a girlfriend I missed very much

: Jackie O on the cover of Vanity Fair, Michelle Williams on the cover of Vogue, me drowning in Fall couture dreams

: The most fascinating podcast I’ve ever listened to — thank you Radiolabs

: The community garden pushes us to learn how to pickle (okra)

: A new community garden takes root with high school students in south Phoenix

: The pumpkins keep flowering in the garden, but no signs of actual fruit yet . . .

: Market on Mill takes off and Tempe has a community gathering for farmers and hippie folk

: New Jay-Z

: My novel is solely awaiting a cover design;  so very close to the finish line — Amazon

: New reasons to bake chocolate cake

I hope your month was filled with beauty and grace,