olympic cupcakes

A few weeks ago I got an invitation to an Olympics party — a backyard fiesta featuring 11 events and prizes. Never one to miss a themed bash, I quickly RSVP’d for Boris and Svetlana, a Russian gymnastics pair who would be attending. Then the hunt was on to find a costume (note to self: next time consider something a little more basic, like track. Or swimming. Or something you already have the gear for. Really, Russian gymnastics?) and a Boris (Again, self, really. Finding a good date? Hard. Finding a man willing to dress up like a Russian gymnast? Nearly impossible.) However, I did find both and guess what? We had a great time. And we were in fact the only people at the party in costume. Boris even won a medal.
{By the way, I’ve found the best way to get a man to dress up for such an occasion is not to mention that you might be the only two in costume until you are pulling up to the house. Then mention the keg.}
Not only did I want to attend in style, but I also wanted to bring something sweet to add to the amazing dinner we were served. At happy hour on Friday, I was lamenting to friends that I didn’t know what to take, when one crafty gal suggested using pineapple rings and food dye to make an Olympic symbol.

secret ingredient to the cupcakes

A quick trip to the dollar store to buy a package of Kool Aid, a white cake mix and a can of pineapple rings and voila! For $3, I had a great dessert and gave myself a gold medal for frugality. And stealing someone else’s idea, in the true Olympic spirit.

rings, soaking
rings of glory

Hope your weekend was also a bit crafty and crazy!