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Homemade sourdough

I made sourdough from scratch for the first time this weekend, using an Emeril recipe for the starter. My home smelled like a brewery within a couple hours. This yeasty bread sounded, but ended up way to hard. When recipes call for a fancy kitchen mixer with a bread paddle, I make do with that much more kneading.  One day, I’ll have a Kitchenaid (and a kitchen large enough) and a baking stone. It wouldn’t be fun if it came out perfect the first time anyway.

What to do with hard bread?

Turkey bacon

Have you ever seen 1950-1960s cookbooks with the colorful appetizer platters that are so overdone and usually involve deviled eggs? The presentation cracks me up in part because I would imagine the majority of those recipes were the result of incredibly bored housewives enjoying a bit too much of the sauce mid-afternoon.  How else could such nonsense be so entertaining?


From the garden

April Domestic Bliss 2009 010

April Domestic Bliss 2009 011


Without the pearls or the pressed dress and apron (because it was a weekend, not because I’m opposed), I decided to channel my inner 1960s inspiration with BATS — bacon (turkey), avocado and tomato sandwiches. The bread still made these rather difficult to eat, but the Sunday dinner crowd crunched away merrily.

bowling treats

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

The cupcakes, however, were Goldilocks-right.

I am struggling a bit this week; I think in part it has to do with the severe change in weather. I spend so much of my free time outside — running, swimming, walking, wandering — that when it’s 100+ degrees out, I wilt. The funny thing is, I’ve lived here nearly my entire life. Yet every May, I go through this period of shock that I’m still in Phoenix being burned by my seatbelt and watching my makeup run off my face between home and work. I need a new plan.