Yesterday I participated in the “12 of 12” photography challenge — trying to document my daily routine in 12 shots. It wasn’t as easy or as interesting as I thought it would be. It is a bit tricky to look at your daily habits with an artistic eye. That and the fact I didn’t want to take my camera out last night when meeting friends for dinner. So my 12 are from 4:30 am to 4:30 pm.

** Now with captions. I didn’t read the rules of play. My bad. **

first morning glance

The first thing I see each morning. I sleep curled up on one side, facing my alarm clock like a tightly wound Type A robot.

too early

The second thing I see each morning, after I’ve slammed down on the snooze button, after rearranging my entire day to accommodate just nine more minutes of sweet sleeping pleasure.

gym bag

Nine minutes never went by so fast. Make bed. Brush teeth. Put on workout clothing. Drive to gym with at least one eye open.

morning car

Swear at the “Maintenance Required” light that has been on for the last 1,000 miles. Wonder if you are going to break down at any second. Make yourself a promise to get car serviced this week.

Morning palm

Notice pretty palm tree on way to gym. Damn sun is already coming up. It is going to be a hot run outside.


The carrot at the end of my five miles. A sundried tomato bagel with egg. No cheese. English breakfast tea, straight — preferably tapped directly into my jugular.

Pile o work

Good morning pile of work. Now go away. Read the morning news, wait for caffeine to hit system, go through pile like a crystal meth fiend until caffeine wave crashes, sending you to the dreaded Diet Coke fridge for your second hit of the morning.

work board

Smile at family and friends wishing you a good day.

8 glasses a day

Drink water. They say it helps with the post-Monday-night-shots bloat. Oy, what was I thinking?

Phoenix skyline

Look at the skyline and wonder if it is ever going to be cool again, or if we officially live in hell? The pavement on the freeway will melt your tires if you sit too long. Come on four cyliders. Chug out that air conditioning or I’m trading in this jalopy.

Flying past the papagos

Pretty Papagos. Love you. You are some of my favorite mountains. Make mental note to go to the zoo and botanical gardens by the Papagos.

Favorite necklace

You might be my lucky star… continue singing Madonna songs until all of your friends completely stop talking to you.